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By overwhelming demand & to be sure we do our job & rock Cleveland thoroughly, we've added a second show at Wilbert's in on Friday 5/23 to go along with our Saturday 5/24 show - both shows at 9pm...

Our good friend Jane Kurko shot some super cool pics at out show in Rockland, ME a couple of weeks ago - check them out on the photo page - you can also check out ALL of her super awesome work here  

The Fellas and I love your town! - we've played there a bunch and even had our promo pictures taken there in an alley off Euclid - so return the love Clevelanders - can't wait to see y'all again! - See the tour dates for the skinny

As the touring season starts to ramp up, our spring/summer dates are rollin' in - we're thrilled to add a show at the Time Out Pub in Rockland, ME to our calendar - this is a great joint with a heavy rep as one of the Northeast's premiere Roots Music venues - come on for the throw down!

Pat will be playing a solo/acoustic set at The Falcon on Thursday 12/19 in support of the always awesome Rhett Miller! - don't miss it!! 

OK so check it out...Look to the left margin - see that little red YouTube button?...want to see some video of the band? - just click on that button!

So...although we haven't been playing many shows over the past few weeks, we've been super busy doing other fun musician-like recording songs - been having a ton of fun working with our old friend Paul Orofino at his legendary Millbrook Sound Studios - we've been laying down some new material and re-recording some old as we get ready for our followup to the Con Safos EP - this time a full length tentatively titled New York Heart - stay tuned, it'll be here before you know it!...We've also been busy busy busy shooting some film footage - some for promo & some "b-roll" for an upcoming music video - lots to look forward to! - there will also be new shows added over the next couple of weeks - we're looking forward to a busy fall!...stay close - stay well...

All of us here at Honest Men HQ think it's important for all consumers do their due diligence before spending their hard earned dough - soooo...we just added a new "Music" page so you guys can check out all the tracks on Con Safos before you buy it (y'know...see what you're missing out on) - it's just another example of our inherently benevolent nature...whatta bunch of good guys we are!



Thanks to Jeff Rosen and his crew at MTK Tavern for a great nite and this little vid he shot of Crazy Old Man...enjoy it here


The summer has been going well - did a few festivals, a few locals, logged some miles in the van, had a couple of interviews for some upcoming press & sold a bunch of copies of Con Safos! - next up we have a couple more shows just added, a video shoot for Safe At Home and back in the studio to lay down a few new ones...all is great here at Honest Men HQ! 


We thank you for all of your support and continue to be psyched to meet & hang with many of you as we get out on the road more and more...rock on!

As you probably already know, Con Safos is now available on iTunes, Amazon & CD - in an effort to to keep it simple for ya just click on the links below to head to our page on the site you'd like to check out - hope that helps


See us on iTunes here 


See us on Amazon here


See us on CD Baby here

So here's a little info for ya...

If you should find yourself in possession of one of our CD Baby Free Download cards it can be a bit confusing when you try to redeem it on the CD Baby website - I just tried it and found it to be - so go to our page on the CD Baby site - click the "download" button as the format you choose to purchase - then click "checkout" - it will then ask you for a type of payment - on this page at the top right-ish is an option for "redeem" - click that & it'll prompt you to enter your download card's code...the rest is pretty obvious from there...hope this helps - just tryin' to put your boots on ya 



Announcing a few local shows in Millbrook, Elmsford and Mt.Kisco, NY - check the "shows" page for all the deets!

You can now get yourself a copy of our debut release Con Safos online.  Just slide on over to and search us out or click here to get right to our page - there you can order a copy of the cd or download a digital copy at a discounted rate.  Amazon and iTunes are soon to follow...peace y'all

Hey guys! - we have now added a tab for our "store" with instructions on how to purchase our new recording...check it out if you can't make one of our shows to grab one from us directly - thx!

Our debut release Con Safos is in stock and ready for delivery! - you can purchase it by sending a message to our Admin here from the Contact Info page - or from us directly at any of our will soon be available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and all the usual indie band outlets as well - we're excited and are confident you'll dig what'cha hear...

Yo dawgs!..we just booked a local show in the summer - July 20 at MTK Tavern in Mount Kisco, NY - I used to play here every week for the better part of 2 years in the house band of a weekly jam session - it's a cool room with great food and an awesome staff - we don't play locally often so come on come on!


Here's a perfect reason why it's always a good idea to keep checking back here as our show schedule can change - The date for our show at Ohio Bike Week has been moved from Thursday June 6 to Saturday June 8 - we play at 4pm

Still booking more in and around the Midwest so stay close!

Hey Everybody!

Been working hard booking the summer.  Looks like we'll be in the mid-west in early June! - booked Ohio Bike Week for June 6 and a date in Chicago at the Greenville Tavern for June 7...stay close - more to follow


check back often


We're pleased to announce that we'll be playing the Honesdale Roots and Rhythm Festival in Honesdale, PA on June 15 - woo hoo! - details to follow...

...more to follow

Hey Everybody!


Lookout! - tracks for our debut recording are back from Cali where they were mixed by the ultra-talented, Grammy winning and all around super cool engineer Carter Humphrey at The Doll House in Altadena.  They now reside in the "much more than capable" hands of the legendary Scott Hull at Masterdisk here in NY for mastering.  Artwork is well underway and we are getting all sorts of stoked! Look for a late March release...We'll be sure to keep you posted - also...the phone and the email are ringing with offers for shows this spring/summer.  Mid-west and mid-south runs in the works...can't wait to log some miles.  We'll keep ya posted there too.


Stay well - stay close


Hey Everybody!! - here we go, and it's about time...finally a website.  THE official location for all things honest and Honest Men.  Check back often for all sorts of updates and show info - as well as info on the EP (which is currently in LA being mixed - woo hoo!).  Don't forget to sign up for the email list..hope to see you all soon!



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